Outrageous agers

Photo/video installation by Rosy Martin and Kay Goodridge

Outrageous Agers is a collaboration between British artists Rosy Martin and Kay Goodridge. In their artist statement, they say: ‘Our art works confront stereotypes of the ageing woman, which currently leave little space for negotiation and suggest decline, loss of sexuality and redundancy. The rhetoric of popular cultural representations, e.g. cosmetic advertising, reinforces these disavowals. Consequently, ageing is seen as a problem to be overcome, hidden or denied. What does it mean for a woman to inhabit an ageing, unstable body? We ask this question as artists who use our own bodies as a medium for exploring social and psychic realities, inviting the audience to reconsider their preconceptions. This work is about the unruly, carnivalesque even grotesque body, which refuses to be ignored. Irony, humour and transgression are used to subvert clichés.’

Rosy Martin is an artist-photographer, psychological therapist, workshop leader, lecturer and writer, who explores the relationships between photography, memory, identities and unconscious processes using self-portraiture, still life photography, digital imaging and video. Kay Goodridge is an artist using photography, found objects, found images, found texts (website:

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