A winter playlist for the new year

Playlist 4

Older womxn’s voices

Female artists remain vastly underrepresented and undervalued in pop music. Music festival line-ups are heavily male; female artists are underrepresented on radio; and music awards nominee and greatest songs of all time lists often contain few female performers. What is true for female singers in general is even more true for older female artists. Older women’s voices are largely absent from mainstream media. Collecting women’s music, and older women’s songs in particular, can then serve as a strategy to quite literally make their voices heard and counterbalance the male-dominated musical culture. We have composed three playlists that each contain eight hours of music made by midlife and older womxn. About 350 singers have been included of around 85 different nationalities and 6 continents. The songs are in various languages and about various topics.

This playlist started with just song, Mari Boine’s ‘Amame jávkat’. Little by little we added new tracks, artistically sticking to a few rules: all tracks are by or featuring women or non-binary people of more or less advanced age (born in 1975 or earlier), were released recently (2022 or 2023) and have helped us calm down in one way or another. We wish you a good transition into 2024!

Share your story

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