Boze Bejaarden

an 8-part tragicomic operetta podcast set in a nursing home

‘Boze Bejaarden’ is an 8-part tragicomic operetta radio play that takes place in and around a nursing home in Sinterklaas time. It is a comedy of errors with many misunderstandings and romantic, sugary sweet and warm moments. At the same time, as befits operetta, it is a sharp criticism of our approach to care for older people.

The story revolves around Emilienne (86) who has a relationship with her masseur Nestor (75). They are madly in love and are enjoying their reunion, after a long period in which they were not allowed to see each other due to corona measures.

Boze bejaarden was created by Hermes Ensemble, Volksopera and Acteursgroep Wunderbaum. Written by Annelies Verbeke and Gaea Schoeters with music composed by Annelies van Parys.

The picture was created by © Trui Hanoulle. Visit her website here for more information about her projects:

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