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Art for Care for Art by Rasa Alksnyte, Justine Maxelon & Ann Weckx

TOOLBOX FOR CARE, a project on art and participation with elderly people in residential care centres. MUS-E artists Rasa Alksnyte, Ann Weckx and Justine Maxelon will be working in Huize Sint Monika in the Marolles for the next few years. They get to know the residents and care staff better by taking part in daily routines and tasks. Gradually, they will shape their experiences, reflections and research into a toolbox for care. Afterwards, it can stimulate interested parties to enter into collaborations between artists and residential care centres.

Rasa Alksnyte, Justine Maxelon & Ann Weckx (LT/DE/BE)
Ann, Justine and Rasa are three artists from different backgrounds and disciplines with a strong focus on care and social engagement. This project developed as a direct response to the corona crisis and the strong impact on the care as well as the art-sector. In June 2021 Ann, Justine and Rasa became volunteers in the elderly home Sint Monika in Brussels to investigate and search for more holistic, bottom-up working practices that actively engages everyone present at the elderly home. Their field-research on how collaborations between the art and the care sector could happen in a more inclusive and sustainable way will grow into a “toolbox of care” in 2023.

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