no sex_no glory

book by Petra Kroon

no sex__no glory is created by photographer Petra Kroon and focuses on sex and intimacy in long term relationships. You can find more information about the book on this website: and also a summary written by Petra Kroon:

This story is about love, about relationships, about long-term relationships to be precise. And about sex. Because I think those two belong together: a relationship and sex.

This story is my personal search in images and text for the answer to the question: what is the importance of sexuality in a long-term relationship? Looking at media and hearing and reading many experts, it is an impossible combination. Routine, life as a brother and sister, hassle. But that does not apply to partner P and me. I don’t recognize myself at all. I wonder: Is sex unimportant in a long relationship and am I the odd one out or is it all more nuanced? To find answers, I delve deep into the scientific literature*, I talk to scientists, document how sexual research is implemented and run. And I photographed myself and my partner in intimate situations.

My story has different layers: my personal and scientific quest for the answer on the importance of sexuality and secondly the one of female sexuality.

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