A documentary about rebels +75

The film Rebels is about how many over-75s are annoyed by the way their generation is presented, treated and ignored. “Enough”, say the elderly rebels in REBELS. “We won’t put up with this any longer.” Each in their own way, they resist patronizing, do everything they can to be heard and refuse to grow old. For example, Nadia stubbornly continues to apply for jobs, Monika starts to argue with fire and Erik bombards the city council with letters of complaint.

REBELS is a documentary film by Ann Peuteman and Brecht Vanhoenacker for Victoria Deluxe, made in collaboration with Knack and OKRA, meeting point 55+. The eponymous book ‘Rebels’ was written by Ann Peuteman and is published by Friday Publishers.

TRAILER REBELS from Victoria Deluxe on Vimeo.

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