Slap and tickle

Performance by Liz Aggiss

Liz Aggiss in Slap and Tickle. Photos by Joe Murray

“As a mature, solo, feminist artist, I use the space to ‘act out and act up’. I revise attitudes and preconceptions about mature female visibility, de-familiarise the codings of femininity. I hold a mirror up to the invidious nonsense, name-calling and restrictions perpetrated to limit female expectations and aspirations”
Liz Aggiss

SLAP AND TICKLE is a dark and ribald physical commentary on cultural mores, forays and sexual taboos. Liz Aggiss places herself centre stage in this solo performance in a vociferously moving and disorientating display of contradictions and interpretations, on girls, ladies, women, mummys, mothers, bitches and dogs, pensioners and senior citizens. Decoding mythologies, platitudes, refrains and old wives tales, this performance navigates itself into a feminist soup; it is push and pull, punishment and reward, slap and tickle……all the way home.

Liz Agiss, Slap and Tickle trailer

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