The right to an orgasm at over 60

Performance by Vlasta Delimar

The Right to an Orgasm at over 60, Vlasta Delimar, 2016-2019.

With her performance The Right to an Orgasm at over 60, Vlasta Delimar draws attention to the importance of sexuality at an older age, insists on breaking down the taboos imposed on older women, and advocates sexuality as a human right.

“The sight, although extraordinary, is actually quite simple: a middle–aged woman, dressed in ordinarily, somewhat outdatedly civil clothes, is alternately sitting down and standing up in a shop window. Her gestus reveals similarity to the usual modus of presentation of mannequins dressed in latest seasonal fashion that will soon — once its price plunges — end up on sale. The movements are minimal, reduced to the occasional flirting with curious passers–by who stop for a moment, take a look, and pensively continue their anonymous flaneuring into the unknown. While drawing the spectator into the mysterious game of decipherment, there is one detail that draws particular attention. The woman is holding a piece of paper with the inscription The right to an orgasm at over 60.” (performance catalogue)

Vlasta Delimar (°1956) is a Croatian visual and performance artist, who lives and works in Zagreb. She graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb in 1977 and studied Art History and Ethnology. Organised by Michaela Stock Gallery from Vienna and DOPUST Festival, the performance The Right to an Orgasm at over 60 was first performed in 2016, in the window of a vintage and second hand clothing shop. Delimar repeated the performance several times between 2016 and 2019 in Croatia.

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