Podcast by Eva De Groote & Isabel De Wael

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Je kan Wijzevrouw contacteren vOnce you are over forty as a woman, menopause floats above you like a dark cloud. Soon dehydration and reduced libido threatens and you are pretty much written off.

But that can’t be the full picture, can it? Isn’t that famous transition also a transformation to an exciting new phase?

Writer Eva De Groote and therapist Isabel De Waele are only getting close to the dreaded menopause. In this podcast they look for answers and visit a gynaecologist, a menopause specialist, a herbalist, an energy worker and a sex shop, among others. Along the way, they also document their own expectations and wonders.

Wijzevrouw, a podcast for the ears of women, but also for husbands, neighbors, colleagues, daughters, mothers, friends, lovers and the baker around the corner.ia

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