Terms and conditions

  1. In this website we collect stories and reflections from women, transwomen and non-binary people older than 50 about their experiences with ageing and sexuality.

  2. Please don’t share any personal information in your story besides your name and location. You can either use an alias or your real name. Adding links to other websites or email addresses is not allowed.

  3. All stories published on this site are moderated by the LiLI team. Hateful messages or stories that we suspect of being made up will be deleted.

  4. Once you have submitted your story for publication on this website, we consider the text to be handed over to us. We reserve the right to edit its content and reuse it, for either research or educational purposes. We also reserve the right to not publish stories that don’t align with the purposes of the project. Already published stories can be removed when we deem it necessary.

  5. We are committed to the non-commercial nature of this project and won’t sell any content to third parties.

  6. All the artworks showcased in this website are copyrighted and are used with direct permission of their authors. If you are an artist and would like to show your work here, send us an email with some information about you and your project, as well as the image(s) you’d like to show on the site.

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  10. If you have any doubts or questions about how to make use of this website please contact us!

Share your story

Are you a woman over 50 and would you like to share your experience of intimacy and (a)sexuality on this website? Send us your story! We are interested in personal testimonies of women on the experience of their ageing body, and of relationships, intimacy and sex.