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A white woman in a plain dress lies on a simple bed with her legs up against a green wall. She has her eyes closed and both hands are covering her pubic area.
The picture shows the lower part of an older white woman's face and a white hand, whose index finger she is sucking. Her lips are painted pink.
The face of a woman of colour looking directly in the camera is shown. She has dreadlocks, wears blue colourful earrings and tiny wrinkles can be seen.
The artist is standing in a shop window in a long, red dress, next to a sign that reads The right to orgasm at over 60 in big, bold letters.
A white woman with long, grey hair looks at the camera with blue eyes and her head tilted. Double exposure shows her with her head up right out of focus.
A white older woman is sitting on a large magic carpet in the shape of a contraceptive pill container, surrounded by enormous flying pills.
Liz has long blond hair and red lipstick and sits on the armrest of a red leather couch, wearing golden heels and a golden seethrough top. She also wears a blonde tail.