Ageism in queer communities

Article by Katrien De Graeve, Ladan Rahbari and Nika Looman

In this article we look at the experiences of older trans, lesbian and women-identifying people in queer communities. We discuss how systematic and internalised ageism permeates prevailing notions of time and space. In particular, we point out how the widespread notion of generations or waves succeeding one another in progressive time contributes to marginalising older people and rendering their ideas, strategies and activist contributions irrelevant or outdated. We argue for a more complex notion of generationality and attention to shared concerns and commonalities across generational boundaries.

De Graeve, K., Rahbari, L., & Looman, N. (2023). From allochronism to generationality: Ageism in queer communities in Belgium. Sexualities, 0(0).

Photo CC by 2.0. Nicky Rowbottom, Pride London Parade, July 2011.

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