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ECREA Online Pre-conference

From unruliness to collective action: challenging norms on gender and sexuality in media

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18:00-20:00, Muntpunt, Brussels

Schrijfworkshop met Kristien Hemmerechts

Creative writing workshop in two sessions around intimacy, sexuality and eroticism for 50+ women

The first session focuses on creative writing: how do you write about sex and eroticism in later life? You take the first steps towards composing your own text and become acquainted with the LiLI project. During the second session, you can share your writing with the group anonymously. You receive feedback and can refine your text further.
The language of the workshop is Dutch, with guidance in English for those who prefer it. You can write your text in the language of your choice (NL/EN/FR).
Please note! You need to register for both sessions. It isn’t possible to attend the sessions separately.


19:00-21:00, Spui 25, Amsterdam

Panel discussion in Spui25 Amsterdam

‘The future and radical potential of love’ - with Roanne van Voorst, Lotte Spreeuwenberg, Rahil Roodsaz and Katrien De Graeve (in Dutch)

Hoe staat het met de liefde in de laat-kapitalistische samenleving? Kan liefde een revolutie in gang zetten? Deze avond onderzoeken we de toekomst en radicale potentie van liefde.


11:00-16:00, University of Amsterdam

LiLI meets UvA: Doing Sexuality Research

Seminar for PhD-students and postdoctoral researchers affiliated to CRCG (UGent) or ARC-GS (UvA)


14:00, Online

LiLI Seminar: Lea Spahn

Feminist-phenomenological perspectives on ageing in movement practices

By Lea Spahn (Philipps Universität Marburg)


10:00:00, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Gent

Ethnographic Research Seminar 2020

Research Ethics in Ethnography

Three days seminar which aims to explore the specific ethical issues that arise in the conduct of ethnographic research, how to overcome them, and how to develop a more reflexive and relational ethics approach.


10:00, Online

LiLI Seminar: De Schauwer & Blockmans

Disability studies, ethico-onto-epistemology in practice, postqualitative slow research and research-creation

By Prof. Dr. Elisabeth De Schauwer & Dr. Inge Blockmans (Department of Special Needs Education, Ghent University)